Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm an idiot sometimes

I’m an idiot – I really am. All I want is some attention, love and to feel special. When I get that, I’m stupid enough to ruin the moment by reliving the past. This could actually be the time when things turn around and make a difference, and there I go unable to let bygones be. The truth is that I fear I’d be a fool once more to believe. Then again, this means I’m going against my instincts of just living for the moment and enjoying it instead of fretting over what could happen. I’m so confused about this thought process – well, I’m human after all, definitely perfect.

You came to me in my dreams and made me feel so special. It’s good to know you’re there. My baby by side is all it takes to give a great big smile. I wish you’re there with me in the morning when I wake. I was dancing in the dream, and I was lifted up, the troubles just disappeared. I want moments like that in reality more often than tears.

I have a few things to be happy about, and yes, dreams like get me all high!

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