Friday, August 22, 2008

Me - a Maverick?

I feel like a young girl again; one filled with optimism. I see the road ahead with distinct possibilities; I hope it remains steady. I’ve focused a lot on the negatives and let the positive aspects of my life slide into forgotten recesses where they lie without appreciation.

It’s hard to believe in people again, but I’m giving it a shot once more. If changes happen for the good, then I’d gladly concede the battle well worth the effort. I’d be thrilled to swallow all my pride and admit I was wrong. (Fingers crossed)

I say it often, that habits are hard to break, but not impossible.

I was recently called a ‘Maverick’ by a friend. I took time to scrutinize those aspects of my character that leaned towards this attribution. I found that I am one, not entirely, but in more ways than I imagined.

I don’t conform to most rules of society. Well, I kowtow on the outside, but rage on the inside. My thoughts and actions are more radical than many from my society; hence I am constantly under fire. It’s difficult for a conventional person to accept me as I am. However, I’ve bent over backwards before and though I could have broken just as easily, I guess I’m stronger than I believe. I think I’d do it again if it meant that much to me.

I guess as individuals we all make changes to our lives, our personalities and to ourselves on the whole; we do this for love.

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