Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Call me crazy, but seriously, people should just refrain from making comments unnecessarily. Don’t they think before blabbering? I understand the one-off faux pas, but the steady stream of remarks is really a point of annoyance.

Take an MIL for example; there isn’t a moment when she doesn’t find fault with something. The upside is that her comments aren’t malicious or even intended in any low way; it’s just an ceaseless torrent of remarks about every single thing that her DIL does. A barrage of helpful suggestions on the utilization of a dish, cutlery, or perhaps furniture placement, the laundry – does it ever occur to her that her remarks, though harmless, are just annoying? I would go stark raving made if someone was invading my personal space. Hats off to the DIL for retaining her composure even though I see her hurt or cringing sometimes. And then I wonder – I think men are just blind. Well, at least most men.

Moving onto crashers; there actually exist beings that are eternal late-comers, who never eat when asked to, who indulge in the extra drink, and make themselves more unwelcome by extending late into the night, or even into the wee hours of the morning, thereby becoming a nuisance to the hosts. As a guest just follow basic etiquette and stop imposing on your hosts, especially since they really can’t tell you to leave!!! So they end up saying, ‘No, no, stay. It’s no problem at all.’ Fat good it does them, since they’re the ones who have to clean up – only later than they imagined. My friend is embarrassed by her husband’s behavior when invited out – he’s always the last to leave.

Then you have those imbeciles who make personal remarks that could hurt or even just make you feel bad. It’s fine if things are said in jest, but aren’t you pushing a joke a little too far when you repeat the same thing over and over and over? Seriously, before pointing a finger at others, just see how many are pointing at you!!!

People feel bad when you make personal remarks about hair, color, skin, clothing, expressions. I wonder how these folks would feel if I constantly pass judgment on their bellies, warts, flashy attire, lifestyle, houses, etc. I’d like to see how they react to my jest when it comes to their personal space. It would be interesting indeed to give them a taste of their own medicine.

I’ve noticed a few people I know who make statements about other peoples’ attire – but look at their own? They aren’t necessarily the best dressed folks in town. Then there are those who talk about other’s behavior, upbringing, culture or attitude – and puhleease!!! What of their own? These are the same ones who have a false sense of pride, no morals and lie through their teeth.

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