Monday, September 22, 2008

Sliding doors

Sliding Doors – I wonder how life would be if we took different paths / turns. Would it really be that different? This concept, if applied in life, would go against you being responsible to what happens to you; instead, fate determines the outcome. Or is it a mix of both?

I thought about applying it to a daydream and I wondered if the choice was in my hands, what areas (major ones, of course) would I actually undo?

Top on the list would be the marriage – that would be most blatantly obvious fact. The relationship/s? That’s still under introspection. I think I could have done without the one that hurt me the most; so, most certainly I’d go back to 29 and change the outcome so that I wouldn’t retain such a low opinion. I would undo the move to Bangalore for +2 or at least move out of Bangalore after +2. These three areas are the only ones I would really touch. Minus a few follies here and there, my regrets aren’t that many. The relationship/marriage – though regretful taught me a good lesson. Unfortunately at the cost of my heart/spirit. 

Exam’s are almost at an end – one more to go – Yippee! The Hanoi take off was delightful – almost buzzed more than I anticipated. Thank god for sanity. It was indeed entertaining to be pursued. And what an escape from the tail! Thank God for a friendly warning before-hand or daft that I am, I would really never have realized it. This makes me wonder how badly off I am when it comes to interpreting people's intentions initially. I'm always right on the second look - never on the first.

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