Monday, September 29, 2008

Jest gone wrong

A lot of little things goes down in jest. That’s good too, because how else would we be able to laugh at ourselves, or get the little adrenaline rush from humor?

Someone recently got angry with me; well, not angry, exactly, but was miffed at my reaction to the statement made: I’ve had a f..k all day. So I retorted with: Why? What happened? The next thing I knew, I was blasted with: you don’t have to pretend that you’re concerned when you’re obviously not. 

So I wondered what it was about me or my tone that caused this effect. We cannot always presume to know another person’s intentions. Sometimes honorable ones are taken the wrong way. Just because the other person does not react the way you want them too, doesn’t make them all wrong.

At the same time a repeated action can easily lead to a presumption that could be quite accurate, or at the most just a little way off. Men are habitual liars. They pretend care and concern to get things done for them. Once they receive the benefits, they dump you. They do this with family and friends. My statement may once again reflect my mounting resentment for males; my justification lies in the obvious: men’s behavior. Show me a man who’s different (well, actually I do know a few of them); the majority of men around here are assholes. 

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