Saturday, September 13, 2008

Instead of studying....

Everyone’s splitting up. Chatting with Chem last night was heart-wrenching. Although I’ve been away for some time, acceptance due to circumstances, and the sensation of empathy and understanding emanated, making me feel warm all over. Three gone within a month – damn it; just when I decided to step out of the shadows.


I guess we all have to pave a path to our futures. I’m really going to miss Moo. 10 years and suddenly one day – Poof! I can hardly wait for the next three weeks to fly by; a little more effort into the final project and then I’m done with studies for good.


I love my own company. It might sound a bit crazy, but yeah, I talk to myself. It’s a habit that developed from my stint in Chennai. I haven’t gone cuckoo or anything; just like to talk out loud; helps release some frustrations.


I should be studying now, not typing out this – but, what the heck, mind’s wandering anyway. Maybe writing a book would be a good idea – but what kind of story line? Romance, drama, life, biography – romance turning sour might be good; I’d have numerous points on bashing males, heheh. Maybe a story combining life, romance, heartbreak and fun. The lives of two people, gleaned from the experiences of numerous individuals, merged into two identities forming a story of life.

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