Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Intimacy and Karma

People often mistake the essence of intimacy being that of physical nature only. Any kind of close, familiar, affectionate or loving contact can be intimacy. So when a man or a woman gets into the intimate space with someone other than their partner, isn’t that cheating? I think it is. The minute you start hiding your whereabouts, messages, notes, etc., from your partner, you are certainly are most certainly cheating. What is astounding is that the guilty parties have no sensitivity to such issues. Come on – relaying confidences with someone of the opposite sex, evoking sympathy/empathy, lying to your partner – those signs should be screaming out – Danger!


Would I meet a committed man behind his partner’s back? However, innocent the meeting, my answer is ‘No’, unless, of course, it’s to plan a surprise birthday party or something to that effect.


It’s rather disgusting to watch such things in the motion. I know I’ve mentioned it to someone in the recent past; but I guess people who don’t have an ethical or moral code, are heartless and insensitive to those they claim to love, will do anything so long as it pleases them.


Some people are such great users and abusers of trust. Most of the time, I’ve allowed myself to care not for being used. Yet, every now and then I resent how slyly I was used to fill in a gap. It sucks big time, especially since it’s blatantly obvious that I was nothing but entertainment for the time being, until another avenue came swinging by. Will such people really ever get the rewards for their dirty manipulations?


I’ve seen the ‘Karma’ effect played out a few times, and yes, it gave me a sense of satisfaction when I witnessed it. I know that I have also faced the same karmic effects. I’ve also seen numerous escapes of this effect, or maybe, I just don’t know other facets of their lives to really come to a conclusion on it.


Funny thing: I’ve seen the men who hurt me pay dearly – financially and emotionally. Strangely, I had nothing to do with their state of affairs – Karma?


In a weird way, even when I was at odds with my parents (father, of course, since my role is that of a son, sometimes), financial crunch hit; it eased off when our relationship smoothed over into one of avoidance of issues. And look now, we’re not at odds, and in all ways, things are settled.

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