Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let the good ones in

I have wasted so much time with people who are superficial in words and actions. At least this time squandered taught me a lesson from history. Never trust a man who hides things from you; one who lies and then tries to cover those lies by reacting in anger. You should be able to gauge by that itself that he’s doing nothing more than trying to turn the tables onto you and evoke empathy for his ‘difficulties’!!!

The recent advances of certain people are tempting indeed; if for nothing else, at least the prospect of something exciting. Naturally, my primary concern is ‘Am I ready for this?’ The memories of betrayal are still fresh, the wounds still raw and achy. Would it be fair to the other to give in now?

How I wish I hadn’t discovered the truth of deception! It’s a shame indeed what lies men utter, what wasteful indulgences consume their souls, what treachery they hurt others with! I have to admit that it was definitely better to be exposed to the truth sooner than later. I can hardly believe that I was beginning to actually consider that there could be a future despite all odds.

The more I let the men in the past affect my mind and I stop believing that there are good men out there, the more I’m allowing those jerks to rule my life.

Anyway, that’s the past and the more I brood over it, the further away it takes me from the wonderful opportunities that wait in store in the future.

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