Sunday, September 7, 2008

A few changes

The weekend was great – almost perfect. Perfection is really hard to attain. It would come close if I could just flush out of the little bitterness that loiters on the fringes on my mind. Memories of what could have been still haunt me, and sadden me from time to time. 

I feel good about initiating the few changes that I’ve been meaning to make in my life. 

- Getting up early (started)

- Exercising (yet to begin)

- Sleeping by midnight (3 nights out of 5 weeknights)

- Thinking positive (getting there)

- Relocation (baby steps)

- Redoing CV (edited some)

- Reconnecting with friends (bang on!)

- Making amends (in progress)

- Dance classes (under discussion)

- Travel plans (working on it – starting Oct)

- Savings (putting a chunk away)

- Stocks (making Rs.15 per day ; it’s a small amount, but feels good to play the market)

- Medical insurance for parents and self (done)

- House hunt (need to begin)

- Car change (let the house happen first)

An earlier discussion about having a person complete your life or complement it is still on my mind. I am working on completing my life, and then finding someone to complement it. 

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