Friday, September 12, 2008

Proving those smug 'astrologers' wrong

OOOOH – sometimes everything drives me crazy. I’m ecstatic, I’m sad, I get thrilled and then mad. It’s normal, right? I’m only human, and that too, a woman. So I should be granted the frivolity in variable sensations.


I can hardly wait for the next three weeks to end: my aim to prove all those smug know-it-all ‘astrologers’ wrong. Every single one who has read my palm has said that my education line had come to an end. What glee it would be to rub their noses with my added degree! Stop it now (self-admonishing) – I have done this for myself, not to prove anyone wrong (at least not entirely). Even though I haven’t put in as much effort into this program as I could have, I am proud that I have managed to sustain the duration of it; that too coming out averaging in B. Not bad for the effort. Which means, a little more effort, would’ve bagged me an A. Ouch – too late to change that.

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