Monday, October 6, 2008

Belief in God

Do you believe in God? Before I visit that question, I have another: What is God to you? Is it a person, an entity or a belief? I am not an overly religious person; in fact, I’m not religious at all. I find religion too organized for my liking. It places people in power, is founded on a structure, and is nothing more than an institution that ‘powerful people’ use to gain personal benefits.

God is faith – conviction that there is something larger and much more powerful than us mere humans. God could be nature, the universe, faith, love, trust and belief. When all else is gone, it’s the one defining moment when you embrace the belief that this power can save you from anything.

I do not believe in God as a person. I believe in the Universe and the forces of nature. I accept that there are energies that cannot be defied. I believe that within ourselves we have the ability to control a lot of factors; discovering that gift is something that we choose to ignore.

I believe in Karma. Everything comes full circle.

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