Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stupid moves

I think I’m going to end up alone in life. A man – a real one – does not exist. Yeah, yeah, I believe that those few that are there are taken by others – I just don’t have the luck to attract such a man.

I also think I’ll end up alone because after the last fiasco, I’ll be damned if I make a man my priority again. Who am I kidding? I’m a lost cause. Better of single. When I turn 40 and life goes on, will there be people to catch up with?

I wonder – today, there are still people who are single or otherwise free to mingle with. A few years down the road won’t all be preoccupied with kids, blah, blah? That’s the time when the absence of a partner would matter, I guess.

Something to contemplate. Somehow, we women can manage to chug along without company. What would men do? After they’ve thrown away the choices they had?

Perverse me – I curse men – I hope they sorely regret what they did not value when they had it. I hope the day of reckoning comes soon.

I still hope and feel that I'm right in knowing that I will find someone someday.

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