Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Changing perspectives

It is funny how things land in your lap when you’re not looking for it at all. When belief is strong, and the universe gets the message, you receive it as an unexpected but happy surprise. Hold onto dreams – I know that things are happening in my life – spiraling in fact, and I can hardly contain myself as I see my thoughts play out in actions.

Last night my ever wandering mind, moseyed about in the land of ‘Changes’. My perspective has changed. There was a time in my life, earlier on, when I thought that I would never ever consider doing/saying certain things. Here I find myself, years later, wondering what ever made me think so! As a younger lass, less exposed to the harsh elements of the world, I suppose I could afford to have lofty aspirations and idealistic impressions.

At 30+ I’m confused whether I’ve changed my mind or if my goals are different. Or is it just a change in degrees of tolerance? I thought about how at 23 money seemed to be important, at 30 it was redundant and now at 32 I don't want it to be. As we flit through life do we all oscillate with our impressions? Is our assessment of situations different at different stages? That certainly is a rhetoric question – obviously it would be different, duh!

I want children, or I thought I did. Do I want them now? Will I be able to give them what they deserve? Is my want based on something that I felt was right when I was 25, but now not practical at 32? So many things have changed....can I conceive, or should I adopt instead of adding to the population. It's a child at the end of the day - and mine whether by blood or relation.

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