Monday, October 13, 2008


What a fantastic feeling – wine got right to my head. I was tingling all over as I giggled at what I was about to do. Thanks to Prom’s brilliant idea of how to get…, the experiment proved rather interesting, and definitely entertaining. Shame shame on all the dirty talk! (Chuckle) not really embarrassed at all.

So the weekend culminated into a mood of contemplation. As we go through various stages in life, how much do we change? Is change inevitable? Do our morals and values get blurred in particular situations?

I can relate to an incident – emotional and/or physical – changing one’s life forever. Rape, death or other tragedies can have a severe impact on one’s mind. This can easily affect morals and values as one tries to cope with the brunt of the devastating situation.

On a lighter note, does cheating on a partner constitute a degradation of morals? Quite simply, in my opinion, it does. Omissions are betrayals (from The Little Black Book). Lying, omissions, physical contact, and emotional inclination – all these constitute it.

The longer we stay with one person, the easier it is to stray. It’s but natural for man/woman to be polygamous. Easy for a man to claim his stake that polygamy is an attribute that only males possess. Women too have needs and it takes extraordinary men to cater to this.

Funny things about the stereotypical Indian male:

a) He thinks he’s good in bed: he only seeks his own pleasure. It takes a rare man to revel in his partner’s bliss or provide satisfaction.
b) He thinks he’s well endowed: a laugh – Indians are supposed to have relatively smaller ones
c) He takes pride in his ego: he doesn’t see the snickers among his acquaintances as he 1. Brags, 2. Shows disrespect 3. Acts tough (come on – it’s an act), a worthy man doesn’t need to portray an image of toughness
d) There’s a whole list more … but for another day

I had a recent bump with a stereotype who actually got offended (immaturity) because I asked him, a male, to make me a cup of coffee. I had to control the laughter bubbling up inside me at his taking offence at that. I mean, obviously, he’s male, and the kitchen certainly not his domain (hey, it rhymes), and how could I (a female) ask him to stoop to executing a mundane chore!!! (Sarcasm FULL ON)

I was appalled that this person, who normally jests, sometimes even hurts as he jokes, could react in this manner. And make it a minor issue!!! Wow. One more score for the stereotype. Juvenile is too mild a word.

My apologies to those males who do not lack maturity. I know there are some of you out there. Uncommon variety, but there. I’ve encountered a few. Well, maybe not that scarce, just that you haven’t come into my sense range on an intimate level.

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