Thursday, November 6, 2008

A date after a loooooooooooonnnnnnnngggg time

I spent an interesting evening in a secluded yet lovely place – Giancarlos. The gentle breeze calmed me as I battled with a feeling of nervousness. I felt like a blushing school girl standing in front of a boy for the first time.

I wasn’t tongue tied, but somehow overcome with an attack of nerves. I’m exaggerating, just a tad.

Although I went with an open mind, I was somehow unable to talk about the past as easily as he did. Not having spoken about the raw pain that I went through with anyone before, I sensed that I could share it with him, for he would understand what noone else could. I was a bit nervous – yeah, me nervous!!! That's a hoot!

Truthfully, the exhilarating rush of a first date felt good. It was scramming all the way through to make it on time: crazy traffic, a marathon shower and a sprint to be ready on the dot. The evening was nice. I think we need a lot more than an evening to discover each other.

Butterflies in my stomach I managed to enjoy dinner. Well, not dinner - since we just nibbled started. The evening ended on a note; unsure if we will see each other again. I know we will, but will he call, or should I?

Gosh - I feel young again, and good. It's great to meet someone with some depth. He was polite, charming...I liked him. I want to see him again.

I’m not thinking about what could happen. All I want to do is meet again and again and see how it goes. I’d like to really get to know him as an individual, not as a prospect.

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