Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time to take some action

Hark! Listen! Is that yet another mundane remark damning the city to hell? The running commentary about peoples’ lack of civic sense, the government, politicians, education….how often are we going to sit around talking. It’s time some of us stepped up and acted instead of playing the role of a silent bystander. We just sit around like monkeys eating bananas and chucking peels at those who are within shelling range.

It’s time to step out of the safety of cantankerous discussions and make this world a better place. How easy it is to whine and how difficult to take some action!

I’m trying to rally some support into the idea of getting the parks or at least one park in Bangalore open late in the evenings. How glorious it would be to be able to bask in the moonlight on a park bench, or amble along the path after dinner!

As citizens of this country and residents of a neighborhood, we need to be more conscientious of our surroundings and do something about making the area a better place. A little contribution to society...added value for people...I hope something comes out of it. I

Credit for this thought goes to a remarkable individual whose entry into my life has generated a whole stream of emotions, added new perspectives and given me hope for a better today and wonderful tomorrow. The inspiration came late at night as we drove through the city, overwhelmed with delight at an unexpected surprise, boosting our spirits with great company.

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