Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bangalore’s crazy spots

This city has gone mad, and with it all of us residents. Saturday night spent at expensive Bar cum Resto, paying exorbitant rates for drinks. No doubt, Shiro was the hippest and most happening joint in Bangalore that night. The crowd, the clothing (or rather lack of)…people making a beeline for the bar. Spent the entire evening being jostled around. Strange men and women rubbing shoulders. I shudder at the thought of such close contact, but to physically experience it….disgusting. And yet, not a single one of us made a move out …where else does one go at such a late hour?

Another eve spent at Extreme Sports Bar, Indranagar. Crazy freaking DJ whose idea of an ideal audio level was to pound the music into the patrons’ ears at decibel levels that stretched right across the neighborhood and possibly down to a couple more areas. There again, instead of a dignified exit, we sat around, sulked some, and screamed into each other’s ears.

Finally – a lovely evening at Zara’s – the tapas bar. Reasonably priced. Sensible audio levels – once Mr. K requested a tone down in volume.

Question: is going out to a hip joint more important, than going out to just have fun?
My answer: No – fun’s far more important.
Yet- another question: then why stay in a place that’s clearly not giving you an enjoyable experience?
Answer: Laziness? Late hour? Boredom?

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Happy Karma said...

you eat-outer! I ate at Benjarong, wasnt graetly impressed. Shiok was way better.