Monday, June 1, 2009


It’s been a very long time since I put thoughts down in words. It seems almost strange to see these words. Life is indeed one crazy jungle. The humdrum echo of routine resounds….life’s exciting, yet at the same time mini challenges stand - a blockade to 100% satisfaction at the start of a new day.

I love this life yet I hate doing laundry - gym clothes, home wear, work clothes, underclothes...clothes, clothes and more clothes. I’m nauseous when I see the laundry bag….eek, I want to run away.

I attack; then retreat. I lie down exhausted, a baleful expression as I see the mounting pile of clothes. This mammoth mountain of laundry is my Everest. I garner the energy and strength to tackle this load before hitting the sack. The next morning I wake, happy to be free from my bête noire. I skip through the day, elated at my achievement. It’s evening once again and Crash! I walk into the bedroom and I see my old nemesis again. This Everest is insurmountable.

I hate laundry. Although washing machines are a wonderful invention, no arguments there, laundry is nonetheless an unpleasant task.


Quirky Indian said...

You're back....and so is the laundry.


Quirky Indian

KM said...

Nice welcome back...clean clothes, here I come.

George said...

Nice welcome back...clean clothes, here I come.