Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smart phone – is it really smart?

As we evolve as humans, it is hard to figure out if evolution and progress are interconnected or unconnected. In the days of yore, people retained everything in memory. Today, we are dependent on technology to jog our memory. Phone numbers, birthdays, grocery lists, genealogy, and a host of other important events are relegated to the memory of gadgets like smart phones. In this context, is a smart phone really smart? Is it a smart buy?

Conversely, as we go down the path of evolution, the world around is changing. Unlike our forefathers, our lives are not simple any more. The human mind has become smarter and even 5-year-old children’s’ brains have progressed to that of an eight year old in the 1920s. In this context, many details are retained in the sub-conscious. However, the consequence of technological advancement is a simple matter of countless items to organize. Therefore, in order to get some semblance of order in our day to lives, the smart phone does the job of storing vital information in the way that we want, so that we can focus on the more significant aspects of life. Smart phones do the thinking for us but not the analyzing or strategy. That is our own.

Owning a smart phone makes life simpler. One can program anything into it. Reminders pop up. You can receive email on the go. It reminds you of important dates. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reminder for those important tasks than can easily slip your mind, such as the payment for annual/half-yearly/quarterly insurance payments. Besides, smart phones help you organize your life. You need to be smart to use it efficiently. Owning a smart phone is the smart approach to life.

The answer to ‘Smart phone – is it really smart?’ is Yes. It is smart.

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Lolland said...

Interesting and original idea. Is the smart phone called so coz its smart, or because you need to be smart use it?
Best of luck and a vote for you.
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Anonymous said...

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Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Ah but the joys and sheer entertainment of watching people use touch phones. :D *grin* Yes, I'm slightly sadistic.